Chris Young Leads with 7 Nominations at the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards

Chris Young Leads with 7 Nominations at the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards

Congrats to Chris Young as he received 7 nominations for 57th Academy of Country Music Awards!

Chris leads the field of ACM Awards nominees this year with 7 nominations, that includes nods in the categories of Album, Single, Video, and Music Event Of The Year. Chris was honored as songwriter, and producer as well as the artist.

Chris was finishing up a radio interview early Thursday morning when he found out the news, “I called my publicist, I was like, ‘Sorry I didn’t mean to bother you early in the morning, I’m getting ready to go in the studio’. And she goes, ‘Well, I just got nominations, you want know what they are?’ And I was like ‘Uh, is it good, or is it bad?’ she goes ‘You want to know what they are’. So, that’s how I found out. And then my phone has just exploded all day long, and it’s been absolutely incredible.”

Chris’ phone exploded with calls because not only does he lead the ACM Awards this year, it’s the most nominations Chris has received for an awards show, “I’ve never been the most nominated at any award show ever…so, this means the world. I mean it’s huge!”

While his album Famous Friends is nominated, it’s the title track that he sings with Kane Brown that also has a trio of nods…so, of course Kane was one of the people who reached out to Chris when the ACM Award news broke, “Oh yeah, we were on the phone earlier. I’ve been on the phone pretty much all day, talked with Kane, talked with my parents, family, friends, everybody’s blowing my phone up. It’s been really, really, cool seeing all the messages from everybody today.”

While he truly is happy just to be nominated, “That night’s going to be special all on its own and I’m just very very happy to be such a big part of it.”

Chris’ favorite number is 7, and he couldn’t help but notice all the times it pops up for this, “So my lucky number is 7. Somebody just told me it’s the 57th ACM Awards…7 nominations, and it’s on the 7th…so, I’m gonna count those three 7s as good luck…cause in Vegas that pays out pretty good.”

The 57th Academy of Country Music Awards, which will be handed out at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, NV on March 7th – and you can watch it all happen live on Prime Video at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST/5 p.m. PST.

Chris Young’s ACM Album Of The Year nominated Famous Friends includes the title track and his current single at country radio, which he sings with Mitchell Tenpenny – “At The End Of A Bar.”

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson