Elaina D. Smith


    California native and Gracie Award winner, Elaina D. Smith has become one of the strongest
    female presences on Country Radio.

    While working at Entertainment Tonight and The Insider in L.A., Elaina found her true passion
    when she got an opportunity to work with the wildly popular Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw
    morning show. Elaina caught the radio “bug” and never looked back.
    After that, she hosted shows in San Diego, and Florida and Cumulus Media took notice. In 2014,
    Elaina was tapped to co-host of NASH Nights Live. Elaina starts her seventh year in syndicated
    radio as the solo host of Nights with Elaina in 100 markets.

    Her last six years in Nashville were very busy as Elaina expanded her brand. From Red Carpet
    coverage of major award shows (all formats), to welcoming stadium crowds at Country Music
    Festivals, and participating on key industry panels, Elaina’s hard work has been recognized by
    her peers. She was named one of RadioInk’s 30 and Under Superstars.
    Elaina is also a three-time Gracie Award winning, CMA and ACM nominated broadcaster, who
    even added “actress” to her resume when she was asked to appear as herself opposite Hayden
    Panettiere on CMT’s drama Nashville.

    In 2019, Elaina launched a two-hour syndicated weekend product via Westwood One, called
    With Elaina. With the Country genre becoming more mainstream, Elaina chats with the biggest
    stars in Country Music about their life, pop-culture, nostalgia and so much more. She also
    highlights her own life and gives real perspective on whatever is happening in the world. Some
    of her celebrity co-hosts have included Garth Brooks, Thomas Rhett, and Keith Urban.
    When she’s not working, you’ll probably find Elaina with her rescue dog Zoey, or watching The
    Office on Netflix for the 278954234th time. If not, she’s likely at the gym, discovering new
    music around Nashville, volunteering at her local animal shelter, at a Disney park, or covering a
    song on YouTube with her husband-to-be Daniel.

    Find/Follow her @ElainaDSmith across social media and her fan pages are @withelaina!