Priscilla Block Getting By With a Little Help From Taylor Swift & Randy Travis

Priscilla Block Getting By With a Little Help From Taylor Swift & Randy Travis

Priscilla Block might say that Taylor Swift and Randy Travis helped her to get where she is today.

After being in Music City for a while, Priscilla found that her country music dream was not unfolding like she had hoped.

Priscilla shares, “My first year in Nashville was pretty tough. I kinda fell on my face pretty hard, being this 18 year old girl having no clue what I was doing in town and I just found myself at a place where you know I didn’t know what I was doing I just felt super duper lost.”

It was in that moment where she was having a crisis of faith in her dream, that Taylor Swift fatefully stepped in.

On the very same day that she called her sister, and talked about moving back home to North Carolina, a random run-in with Taylor turned everything around, “That day Taylor Swift was driving by, I was wearing a Taylor Swift t-shirt, and she pulled her car over to the side of the road and hopped into her passenger seat, opened up her car door and was like ‘Hey girl, I love your shirt’ and it was really the moment that I needed. It’s funny like I didn’t even tell her I did music I was just like ‘Thank you so much’ like, she had no clue how much that meant to me but that really was the day that I knew that I needed to give music a shot. I quit my job, I quit school, and I just ran fast, and I don’t run!!!”

Then last year before she got signed to her record deal, she was playing a show where Randy Travis was in the audience, “So, Randy Travis is incredible, everyone knows this. What a freaking legend, right? I was playing at the Nashville Palace with some friends and I look out and it’s Randy Travis just sitting there, hanging out.”

But it turned out that Randy wasn’t just going to sit there – he made sure that Priscilla and her band we’re taken care of for their efforts. She shares what happened next, “The night went on, he watched the entire set, and midway through, one of the workers there was like, ‘Hey-Randy wants to auction this jacket off for you guys.’ We’re all like, ‘What?’ So, the Nashville Palace gave Randy a jacket that said Nashville Palace on it. It was really cool. It was one of their super special jackets, I’m sure. And he signed it and said let’s give it to the band. The worker there was like we’re gonna auction off this signed Randy Travis jacket and all the money’s gonna go to the band up on stage. People are calling out all throughout the restaurant, raising hands, raising hands. We were sitting up on stage, I am crying. Again one of those moments that no one knows where you’re at in life, and that meant more to me than anything in the world. He didn’t have to do that, but he did.”

We can’t wait to hear about the next amazing moment Priscilla will have in her life…

Photo Courtesy of UMG Nashville