Patrick Scott


    Hey there! Where do I start?!?

    I am from Cincinnati Ohio. I moved here a few years ago to follow the radio career path and I will tell you, I have loved every minute of being here! Lexington is such a cool place. I am still getting used to the bourbon but I do fit right in with the horse racing! I have been in the radio game for roughly 17 years. When I got the chance to be On Air with K92.9 and become the Program Director for Hot 102.5 I jumped at it and never looked back! I love what I do, I really love spending my Saturday’s with you in Central Kentucky! I appreciate you letting me hang out with you every weekend….It means a lot to me!

    If I am not on air or in town, I am hanging out with my family back in Cincinnati or at our camp site that we have. In the picture is my long time friend, Cindy Patrick. As you can see, I LOVE Journey! We both share a big love for the band, that picture was taken back when things were “normal”. You can find me in places in downtown Lexington grabbing some food or having a drink with some friends! If you see me, don’t be shy! Come say hi!