Jordan Davis Adds a New Limb to His Family Tree

Jordan Davis Adds a New Limb to His Family Tree

Jordan Davis is having a big week.

On Friday, May 21st, he’s releasing his new EP, Buy Dirt

and now he’s also announced that he and his wife, Kristen, will be having their own special project released later this year.

Jordan shared “Add a few limbs to the family tree…add me to the list of artists putting out new music and having kids during quarantine.”

Jordan broke the news that not only is he and Kristen are having a second child, but they are going to make their daughter Eloise a big sister to a little brother.

While Jordan and Kristen are very excited to become parents again, he does admit that getting the news was a little anti-climatic compared to the first time they found out they were pregnant, “I was going for a song writing thing, and before I left the house, Kristen was like ‘Hey, is this a good time to tell you that we’re going to have another kid?’ Then I was just like ‘What?’ Cause the first one she…I was in New York and she flew up, and then I walked into the hotel room the pregnancy test was on the desk, and I was like ‘No way! Awesome!’ like, this really cool moment…and this one it just kind of felt…she’s like ‘Oh, hey, we’re having a kid.’ (laugh) I was like ‘Alright.’ I mean we obviously want a lot of kiddos but it’s just crazy how with the second one you’re just like ‘Yeah, this is going to happen too’.”

Jordan’s EP, Buy Dirt – which arrives Friday, features 8 tracks – 7 of which he co-wrote.

That 8th track he didn’t write is actually a song co-written by John Prine for John’s debut album, but it was another John…John Denver who made the song popular in the early 1970s, “Blow Up Your TV.”

This is one of the other songs on Buy Dirt, this is the music video for Jordan Davis’ “Almost Maybe.”

Photo Courtesy of UMG Nashville